about 32650/32700 what you need to know

32650/32700 was invented in 2008,At that time, the main cylindrical battery size was 18650, but as more and more applications required larger capacity batteries, 32650 appeared.

This company is called OptimumNano Co.,Ltd. 32mm in diameter ,Cylindrical cells with a height of 65mm.Because of its small size and automated production, numerous Cell.

The capacity of a single battery is about 3.2V5AH and can be assembled into any desired application battery pack. Such as street lights, robots, RVs and more.

Now after more than ten years of development, this model has been recognized by many end customers, and is widely used in electric vehicles, street lights, special equipment and so on.

until 2018, for some reason,optimumnano was The verge of bankruptcy.There are countless 32650s used in buses and electric vehicles in the world. Waiting for the battery on the bus to retire, there will be many second-hand batteries on the market.

Therefore, most of the 32650/32700 in the market are old, and a few manufacturers still maintain the technology of 32650. For example, LJY Energy is many senior engineers of the original Optimumnano.

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