LJY Energy Advantage:most R&D colleague was from BYD,CATL,leading battery companies in China,we have rich experiences(8 years) in battery desingn,electronic ,test and application,we can provide ODM,OEM produce.most our customers is Battery distributors, wholesalers, and energy storage installers around the world,They gave us a high rating,in product and professional service.our product most apply for home energy storage,RV,Marine,solar energy storage,Solar led light,low speed vehicle etc.some of them is lead-acid replacement,Compared with it, it has the advantages of long life and light weight.

why Choose us

We have no brand obsession, our goal is to provide cheap and high-quality lithium batteries to more families all over the world.We need the cooperation of the terminal market, we need the support of distributors and wholesalers, and at the same time we divide labor and cooperate. As energy prices rise and the climate becomes extreme, we need more energy sources, especially renewable energy sources.

We are a professional OEM factory, we can assist your brand to gain continuous support from customers with quality and price advantages. We promise to abide by a non-disclosure agreement and not offer any merchandise to your competitors.