China Mobile's centralized procurement tenders lithium iron phosphate will go global with 5G

Mar. 6,2020

As a "new infrastructure" leading industry, 5G construction is entering a peak period.On March 4, China Mobile issued a bidding announcement for the centralized procurement of lithium iron phosphate battery products for communications in 2020. It plans to purchase a total of 610.2 million Ah (specification 3.2V) for lithium iron phosphate batteries for communications that does not exceed 2.508 billion yuan. For 1 year.China Mobile Bidding Information Source: China Mobile Official Website"The demand for the construction of 5G base stations for lithium iron is doubled or even increased several times." The Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance Yu Qingjiao said.Lithium iron phosphate replaces lead acid"According to our understanding, China Tower purchased 30 to 40 billion yuan of batteries last year." Yu Qingjiao revealed that lithium iron phosphate battery is the most suitable technology route for 5G base station energy storage at this stage. With the commercial promotion of 5G, iron phosphate Lithium batteries will usher in a new dividend period.According to reports, the communication backup power supply is usually assembled in the base station computer room with a battery cabinet, which provides emergency power in the event of a power outage in the base station, which guarantees the normal operation of the base station and smooth communication.Yu Qingjiao further explained: "China Tower has been cooperating with Ningde Times, Yiwei Lithium Energy, and Nandu Power for the past two years. On the one hand, your power battery (retired) can be used in gradients, and what you produced is I can also use the battery directly. At present, the amount of gradient batteries is not too large, there are so many specifications and manufacturers, it is difficult to use them together. "


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